Tensa4 hammock stand


Tensa4 is an innovative, go-anywhere hammock stand. Weighing 11 pounds and packing to 19″ long by about 5″ around, Tensa4 supports up to 400lbs in hammocks up to 12′ long.



Tensa4 is a highly portable indoor/outdoor hammock stand. It is the commercial version of the original “tensahedron” design shown by one of Tensa Outdoor’s founders on Hammock Forums.

It will accommodate any gathered-end hammock on the market, up to 12′ long, as well as some bridge (Warbonnet Ridgerunner) and transverse (Amok Draumr) hammocks. Unlike many portable hammock stands, ours supports full-size hammocks with a deep 30° sag for comfortable sleeping on the diagonal, while still offering good seat height.

No good trees available or allowed to hang from? Or maybe you just want to hang closer to where your friends are, or to your motorcycle. Maybe you’re in a motel and not feeling great about the bed, or stuck in an airport long enough for a snooze. Needing only a single low-tension guyline to maintain balance, Tensa4 sets up quickly everywhere from on top of a twin or truck bed, to steep slopes, to sandy beaches, to concrete slabs.

The stand works fine with tarps for complete shelter. 11′ tarps are ideal; longer may require modest ingenuity to tension properly, with tips available.

The product is four poles made of 28 segments of custom-made telescopic anodized aluminum tubing, two anchors, one guyline, one ridgeline, one baseline, a head tether, and a bag. Lines are Amsteel, as utility constrictor ropes (UCRs).

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 20 x 5 x 3 in


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