If you’re looking for a user support forum, place to share experiences, tips, photos, and so on, you could do worse than the Tensa Outdoor subforum on Hammock Forums.

  1. Tensa4 Hammock Stand User Guide, v1.1. Introduced June 2020, reflecting current setup details, this guide may be useful also for owners of older production stands.
  2. January 2019 Tensa4 hammock stand setup. Please note that this video is old, with obsolete details about toggle, pushpin, carabiner function. It still shows basic concepts. Refer to printed docs above for the latest.
  3. Tensa Solo and Solo Conversion setup instructions, also by Derek.
  4. Tensa4 Tarp Extension instructions
  5. Tensa Boomstake
  6. Shug’s unofficial YouTube introduction to the Tensa4: