Note that some of these support resources refer to non-current versions of our products. We’re updating as we can. In most cases they are still helpful even if certain details no longer match.

  1. Tensa4 and Solo instructions, drawn up by none other than the illustrious Derek Hansen with inspiration from IKEA.
  2. Shug’s unofficial Youtube introduction to the Tensa4.
  3. Old (1.0) version of Tensa4 setup instructions
  4. Old (1.0) version Tensa4 hammock stand setup and breakdown
  5. Tensa4 hammock stand parts
  6. Tensa4 or Tensa2 hammock stand pole extension
  7. Tensa4 or Tensa2 hammock stand pole stowage
  8. Tensa4 hammock stand base or ridgeline connection
  9. Tensa4 to Tensa2 hammock stand conversion