Tensa4 to Tensa Solo conversion kit

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This kit provides the parts necessary to make one Tensa Solo pole from an available Tensa4 pole. You’ll need two to hang without any trees or similar supports available. Order up to four kits to make up to four Tensa Solo poles from one Tensa4 stand. Save money by omitting extra anchors and guylines, re-using those included with your Tensa4 stand for the first conversion, or order extras as needed.

Each pole requires 2 guylines and 2 anchors. We assume you will re-use those included with Tensa4 for the first pole. Order more as needed from our Parts section.

Check the Tensa Solo instructions for detail.
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You can readily reconfigure a Tensa4 stand as up to four Tensa Solo poles, able to hang two hammocks with no other supports available, or four hammocks anchored to a single tree or similar. With a few extras from our Parts section, you can make up to eight Tensa Solos from one Tensa4!

Owning both a Tensa4 and one or more Solo conversion kits provides the flexibility of owning both systems, more cost effectively than owning them separately. Pack only the parts you know you need to save weight and pack space, or bring everything to be ready for anything.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3.5 × 2 in

Omit anchors and guylines, using those from Tensa4, Include 2 anchors and webbing guylines

2 reviews for Tensa4 to Tensa Solo conversion kit

  1. Clayton C. (verified owner)

    Though I haven’t tried the Solo Conversion Kit yet, the components look to be of high quality.

  2. scott margraf (verified owner)

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