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Tensa4 is an innovative, elegant, go-anywhere hammock stand. It provides peace of mind when traveling with a hammock, indoors or out. With by far the smallest footprint, smallest packed size, and lowest weight of any stand so capable, Tensa4 supports up to 350lbs in hammocks up to 12′ long. Tensa4 folds instantly for easy stowing or carrying by a single person after setup, with hammock still attached. It will also split in half to hang two hammocks from a single support.

It weighs 14 pounds, packs to 20″ long and about 6″ around, easy to carry on a bike, aboard a plane, or a couple miles up the trail. Requires a single low-tension tether for balance either to a fixed or heavy object, or to one of the included ground anchors.

Tensa4 comes with everything necessary: four poles made of 28 segments of custom-made telescopic anodized aluminum tubing, four Amsteel ball-loop pole connectors; two webbing guylines with integrated hammock suspension, two hammock-rated carabiners, a ridgeline, and a baseline; one 30cm Tensa Boomstake and one screw-type ground anchor (to assure that at least one will work in most ground conditions for the required foot end anchor), color printed quick start guide, and a bag.

Tensa4 splits into two halves to hang two hammocks from a single support. If you want to do this, order two extra ball loops. For lighter, smaller hiking stands, Tensa4 converts into up to four Tensa Solo stands with our Tensa4 to Tensa Solo Conversion Kits.

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Tensa4 is the commercial version of the original “tensahedron” design shown by one of Tensa Outdoor’s founders on Hammock Forums.

It will accommodate any gathered-end hammock on the market, up to 12′ long, as well as bridge (e.g. Warbonnet Ridgerunner), transverse (e.g. Amok Draumr XL) and even the Haven XL hammocks. Unlike most hammock stands, Tensa4 supports full-size hammocks with a deep 30° sag for comfortable sleeping on the diagonal, while still offering good seat height.

The stand works fine with tarps for complete shelter. 11′ tarps are ideal; longer require modest ingenuity or our Tarp Extensions for Tensa4, which also provide more headroom.

Tensa4 owner Travis shot this brief setup video on his phone:

Check the Tensa4 User Guide for detail.

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Weight 229 oz
Dimensions 20 × 6.1 × 3 in



One Orange Screw and one 30cm Boomstake

93 reviews for Tensa4 hammock stand

  1. Willard Chaffin (verified owner)

    Very well made with outstanding materials and workmanship. Really works well when appropriate trees not available.

  2. Matt E. (verified owner)

    This is SO COOL. Being in on something when it’s so new is really fun. I probably would have put it off until the “ultimate graphite, whatever” finally came out, but they got me with the video of working on the kitchen chair. You have to love that!! The stand is great, and definitely works. Shug’s video was helpful to get the most headroom (lay side pole on the outside). I travel in the tree-impaired prairie states, which is great for biking, but tough for hammocks. Can’t wait to put it to the test.

  3. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Best ever hammock hanging system ever! I just love the simplicity and the ability to lay under the desert skies, and not worry about where I’m going to hang.

  4. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Best stand that I know of, easy to carry on a motorcycle and works very well.

  5. martin tvingsholm (verified owner)

    The hammock stand design works. But i was not able to get the “end loops” on the head tether & the guyline correctly mounted on the stand, the loops were simply made to small….maybe it is just the ones i got. Each “end joint” in the pipe construction, are not round it off and are therefore very sharp. If these sharp joint parts come into contact with ones hammock & tarp it most likely cause damage. The above despite, I am very pleased to have received my Tensa stand 😉 Best regards Martin from Denmark 😉

    Image #1 from martin tvingsholm
    Image #2 from martin tvingsholm
    Image #3 from martin tvingsholm
    Image #4 from martin tvingsholm
    • Todd (store manager)

      Thank you, Martin. We’ve corrected these issues in ongoing production. The diameter of the feet enlarged slightly, while our line specification lagged – the loops are now larger. To work around, you can attach the loops to the flatworm toggles, or lark’s-head around the poles. Re the sharp edges, while they are currently sharper than we really want, the ones we have handled have not been sharp enough to cut. In any event, we are making sure that future production has much smoother edges. Thank you for bringing both to our attention. — Cheryl and Todd

  6. tbebee (verified owner)

    I owned an older hammock stand simply for the ability to test out setups at home, which is tree challenged. This stand was super sturdy but weighed way too much and did not break down to a transportable size, so using anywhere but home was not an option. I have tried several of the designs that use tripod-type ends with a center rail (borrowed them). These are better than my original, lighter but still not truly transportable. I basically gave up on trying to find a stand that could possibly be taken along for our canoe trips and occasional car camping trips. That was until I saw the Tensa4. This looked like a system that I could pack reasonably and had some good initial reviews of the unique design.

    I went ahead and purchased two stands this Fall. After playing with them in the yard to get familiar with the setup (first one takes a little time to get the adjustments correct), I planned some trips to use them.

    The first one was obvious – car camping – which we do with our children and grand-kids. Our state parks in New York are nice, but are made for tenting and trailers. This worked out great, we were able to setup right in the middle of the site, using minimal space. The stands accommodated the Warbonnet hammocks (Traveler and Blackbird) without any issues. The tarps used were different ridge line sizes, so one fit within the stand ridge line length and could attach to the poles. The other longer ridge line, we just took two sticks, tethered them out a few feet outside each end of the stand and ran the tarp across the entire stand. On this trip it rained off/on all one day and the next day turned to heavy wet snow. Other than getting wet snow off the sagging tarps, we did not have one issue or have to adjust anything the 3 days we were out.

    The other two trips have been canoeing. Both trips had a few portages, which were short enough so that we were not concerned about them not being “single carry”. Many of the canoe sites we find are kind of open and although we find trees, it is not always easy to decide where to setup. These trips we use our old original Hennessy hammocks which have been modified by replacing the straps with whoopie slings, sewing the bottom entry shut and making the netting removable (bottom and netting alterations done by 2QZQ). The Hennessy’s fit well in the stands also, and the tarp situation was the same as before, one fit on the stand the other we tethered out each time. Good amounts of wind on each trip, not much rain, no issues with stand or tarps.

    The bottom line is that I am very happy with these stands. They not only are able to be ported reasonably in the bag provided, but are solid and easy to setup once you take a few minutes to understand the design. To top it off, I had several questions and received email responses immediately, so communications with Tensa are real easy.

    These stands are not a “backpacking” item, nor would I want to take on a long distance canoe trip requiring many long portages, where “single carry” is needed. But I would not hesitate to recommend these stands to anyone who was interested in using for the two situations I have so far, they performed flawlessly. They are a great addition to expand your hammock use.

  7. peter (verified owner)

  8. Ken K. (verified owner)

    I love this hammock stand! I used it recently without a tarp and slept like a baby under the stars. The next morning while I was puttering around the camp site it started to rain. Because I was only using the foot-end ground stake; I was able to unhook, gather the entire stand with hammock and quilts and throw the entire kit in the back of my SUV in less than 5 seconds. Nothing got wet!!! Awesome!

    Not to mention how convenient it is for car camping or bike packing. Well done Tensa.

  9. Stephen Waller (verified owner)

    Best hammock stand you can buy. High quality and brilliant design.

    Image #1 from Stephen Waller
  10. Dallen B. (verified owner)

    Years ago we left THOUSAND TRAILS RV RESORTS because the Sierra Club convinced them that we were “hurting” their trees when we hung our hammocks from them, and now using KOA’s when we travel, there are very few trees, if any, that we can hang a hammock from. So, when I saw the beginning of the TENSA last year, this was an answer to a prayer. We have been using hammocks for almost 50-years. We learned early on that they made a great play-pen for small children while camping–they could not get out of them, and it put them right to sleep. I have 4-heavy metal pipe stands that I use for the Texas grand kids then they come up in the summer. I will have to keep this one hidden, or I will not be able to use it until they are gone. This is light, compact, and more versatile than trees. I have been in the habit of carrying a 50′ long static 1/2″ rope to string between two trees and then hang from the rope when I am camping with my sailing canoe. The TENSA will change that too. WELL DONE, CHERYL AND TODD.

  11. Bill (verified owner)

    Hey Todd and Cheryl,

    I really like my new stand. This is a good answer to the problem that I have encountered with bike touring of camping spots without trees. I have been putting up and taking down the stand daily so it will come as second nature to me (even in the dark) for a total of maybe 10 times as of now. I am noticing excessive wear on the amsteel ridge line where it comes out of tubing. I plan on redoing the ends and I believe my problem is down pressure on the amsteel from the hammock suspension (mule tape). Any ideas you might have would be appreciated. Thanks for a great stand. Butch

    • Todd (store manager)

      Hi Bill – Thanks for the heads-up. While we regard the lines as a wearing part in need of regular inspection and eventual replacement, we haven’t seen worrisome or excessive wear yet even in stands used much longer than yours. Please email us (info@tensaoutdoor.com) a photo or two of how you’re connecting your hammock to the stand for our understanding, as well as of the worn spot(s). We have some revisions to the connection scheme in the works that will easily retrofit to your version, and that should mitigate wear concerns.

  12. jeff c. (verified owner)

    Overall this is better than any other portable hammock stand, however it is difficult to use with a tarp AND to recreate the same dimensions (hangs) because of how the poles ‘tie’ to each other.
    GOOD Poles are strong and light, the groove that keeps them aligned is great. Concept is great.
    BAD Because the poles are tied to each other with cordage, it is difficult to recreate the same wraps to achieve consistent construction (hang).
    BAD When lengthening the top dimension enough to use a tarp, the sides must become narrow (or you are on the ground), constricting the hang space. Also the ends of the poles protrude outside the tarp, drawing water under the tarp…
    COULD BE BETTER I used to small plates of wood to keep the two pole (pair) to ground points from sinking into soft ground, as all the weight is on these two points.
    COULD BE BETTER when using with tarp, longer poles (to get more overall width), or pole extensions (small rods extending past head and foot ) for tarp, or a 12 foot slim pole (a ridgeline under the tarp for tarp attachment) to lay across the top of this construction (hanging over the pole crossings at head/foot) would help with tarps, but add pieces and weight… This would allow the top dimension to be less than 11 feet, which allows more width for your hang space.
    COULD BE BETTER Connection points (pole to pole) that allow for consistent, repeatable construction.
    Overall this is a good product, however given the price ($295), the amount of time required tweaking (small adjustments) necessary for each setup is disappointing. As this is almost the only product of it’s kind, it is worth it (best available) if you really want a portable hammock stand. Setup is much easier (less time/stress) if you are NOT using a tarp, because dimensions need to be less exact.
    Great job Tensahedron, hopefully some small additions can rectify these few small problems in the future.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Thanks for your constructive criticism, Jeff. Concerning use with tarps, especially tarps longer than 11′, we acknowledge room for improvement, and have tarp extensions in development to add both height and width as necessary.

      Less clear are the issues you are having with consistent hang. You mention wrapping, which confuses me. Which elements are you wrapping to achieve desired hang? If the ridgeline or baseline, adjust UCR length instead. If the hammock suspension, those typically entail cinch buckles or similar for adjustment.

      It is true that accommodating different hammock lengths, styles, and user heights & preferences unavoidably entails some tweaking the first time the stand is set up. But once those adjustments are made to the ridgeline and baseline lengths, and to the hammock’s suspension lengths, those lines should not require wrapping or really any further tweaking on subsequent setups. Perhaps our documentation is lacking. We are happy to offer setup support via videoconference or photo exchange to understand better what’s going on.

  13. John Ruggiero (verified owner)

    Great design and execution. Shipped much faster than I expected.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice stand. does its job. some parts did not fit right out of the box, but soon got them all working. nice to have a lightweight stand. can hang almost anywhere!

  15. Greg F. (verified owner)

    Perfect for my back yard, rides around in the back of my car for any opportunity

  16. Joseph G. (verified owner)

    Love my Tensa4 stand. I have an original beta test model, and purchased the updated model to take advantage of the improvements and to have a second stand for my family to use. Setup/takedown is simple, and this is by far the lightest stand I’ve personally seen.

  17. David S. (verified owner)

    Great product and great response to questions about the product. I’m looking forward to some motocamping with my Tensa4!

  18. Tim Huffman (verified owner)

  19. James Vickery (verified owner)

    I love the freedom from trees and portability that this affords. Compact and light enough for car camping or short hikes to a campsite. Probably a little too heavy for long distance hiking if you are an ultralight fanatic. Trees often are not adequately spaced or safe/stable in the right spot. And of course in park campgrounds, Rangers often don’t allow hanging from trees. Warbonnet Ridge Runner is my hammock choice due to physical limitations. I own two…one each for indoors and outdoors and sleep outdoors every night, rain or shine, until sweltering summer nights here in the south signal a retreat to air conditioning. Latherdome on Hammock Forums solved a problem…the head end spreader bar on the hammock was not clearing the Tensa support poles. Simple solution; keep the distance between the two footprints very narrow, not over 3 or 4 feet. No sacrifice of stability or support strength. Practice with assembly, use and packing before you hit the woods!

    Image #1 from James Vickery
    Image #2 from James Vickery
    Image #3 from James Vickery
  20. Daniel (verified owner)

    Outstanding device. I plan on using it for some motorcycle camping adventures. It is small and light enough to fit in my side case. I weigh 250# and use a ENO Reactor hammock. Set up was easy via the included instructions and watching the youtube helped. The Tensa4 supported my whole ensemble with out a rickety or flimsy feeling from a single pole setup. I was able to chill and sleep comfortably with normal movements and not feeling like at any moment I’m gonna fall. I was the guniea pig for my riding crew and now we have adopted the Tensa4 as our official hammock stand for Motorcycle camping.

  21. David (verified owner)

    Great concept. Held up well. Could use some sort of markers on the poles to help identify the three or four section poles. Pole ends was on the sharp side. Needed sanding down to eliminate any chance of getting fingers cut. Other than that, great gear for in or outdoors.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Thank you for the constructive criticism, David. Concerning the sharpness of the tubing edges, we are paying much more attention now than in the recent past, with new tooling, to improve this. We’re sorry yours left room for improvement. As for markings, the laser etched logo and advisory text is only on the largest segment, present in the 4-section poles only, to distinguish from the 3-sections.

  22. DAVID M. (verified owner)

    works as advertised

  23. Eric Hardwick (verified owner)

    Packs small sets up quickly with a little practice. Works great.

    Image #1 from Eric Hardwick
    Image #2 from Eric Hardwick
  24. Andrew L. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the stand but I did have trouble when I got sand stuck inside the poles. Also I learned the importance of checking the ground moisture as not to have the stake pull right out.

  25. Bret (verified owner)

    This is worth the money and I was worried it wouldn’t work with my Clark Jungle Hammock NX270; however, it works just fine. It does not work with the Flex 360 hammock. Setting it up for the first time is a little confusing but once you do it the first time it is easy. The only thing keeping me from giving it a perfect score is because the clips inside the poles sometimes fall out. If the company could somehow permanently attach those that would be wonderful. I will be asking Tensa to send me a pack of extra clips just in case they fall out and I lose one.

    The tarp extension was a challenge. While first learning how to set up the entire system with my Brother In Law we made it work. However, when I took it to Southern Utah for a psychology field research trip I had trouble. One tarp pole I could secure good enough but the other one kept falling down. Some helped me but after a few minutes of struggle, they walked away. After about a half hour struggling with the tarp extension, I also gave up.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Thanks for your review, Bret. We don’t have a Flex 360 on hand to investigate, but would like to understand any compatibility issue better. If there’s a collision with spreader bars, setting the base very narrow (3-4′) and the apexes wide usually fixes. As for the spring buttons becoming dislodged, this normally follows rough handling in shipping, and is seldom a problem after, the key being to avoid rough handling, especially when in a vertical position, like dropping even a short distance on end can knock things out of place. We do have a fix worked out, but it will be many months before it can enter production, sadly. We do have spare clips, but so far nobody’s lost a clip: they usually remain inside the tubes, just out of place.

      Sorry to hear of challenge with the tarp extensions. If there’s a signal where you’re setting up next time, please send a photo of what things look like when trouble arises. We can often reply in minutes or less with help. Even if no signal, a photo later will still help us help you figure it out, and maybe improve our documentation.

  26. Joaquin S. (verified owner)

    I have found the Tensa4 Hammock Stand to be small, portable, and really, really cool! It’s the perfect way to hang when you just can’t get the trees to come to you. So far I’ve only used it at the beach, but I could also see using it camping or at a music festival, to get a great night’s sleep or just relax. It’s size and weight are perfect for car camping, and if you get the Tensa Solo Conversion kit, I could even see it being light enough for hiking. I highly recommend this product!

  27. Joseph (verified owner)

    This the best addition to my hammock setup. This stand allows me to sleep in a hammock no matter where I am, indoors or outdoors.

  28. Ollin L. (verified owner)

    I am more than pleased with my Tensa4. I purchased it mainly to use as a travel bed when I visit friends or relatives. I’m sure I’ll also be using it when camping in areas with no trees or hanging from trees is prohibited.

    The customer service I experienced was really unbelievable. Todd went above and beyond answering my questions and shipping the Tensa4 at light speed.

  29. Gordon Strickland (verified owner)

    This hammock stand is simply amazing for motorcycle camping and car camping. The ability to pack it inside my 60L Basin bag on my DRZ, and to put it up anywhere make it well worth the cost. Arguably it often takes more time to find the just right pair of trees than it does to set this stand up, and in say a NF/state park campsite, many times those two trees are on the next site over! One improvement I would suggest (and this is not beyond the average DIY person) is to install a flared sleeve thru each of the 8 points where the toggles can and will eventually fray.

    Image #1 from Gordon Strickland
    • Todd (store manager)

      Thanks for reviewing, Gordon. As for the sleeve/grommet idea, it’s on the board, but would interfere with the Solo conversion as now designed. Are you seeing premature wear on the toggle lines? We identified a finishing issue with about 30 units that may have led to this, contacted those customers to resolve.

  30. scott margraf (verified owner)

    excellent service- i needed some technical advice when I screwed up some of the gear in the poles and these folks were very gracious about patiently explaining and correcting the deficiencies in my understanding of the system. highly recommend this product and the company!

  31. Simon Beirnaert (verified owner)

    Solid product. Instructions could be better and the clasp for the shoulder strap broke in shipping, but the stand itself is a marvel of engineering. Can’t wait to take it out in the field.

    I have two concerns regarding longevity:
    1) I fear the ropes which hold the poles together will wear out very quickly
    2) the metal toggles on the end of those ropes are already bending

    Overall, I think you core product is rock solid. I realise the problems I’m experiencing are the early-adopter tax. That said, I was quite disappointed to get such flimsy rope toggles with a 300 dollar product.

    Image #1 from Simon Beirnaert
    Image #2 from Simon Beirnaert
    Image #3 from Simon Beirnaert
    • Todd (store manager)

      Sorry about that strap buckle, Simon! We can replace if you like. We are working on supplementing the one-page documentation with something more in depth. Concerning the ropes (Amsteel ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), they are extremely tough, with a 725kg breaking strength, and stands in near nightly use for about a year show no worrisome wear. If you see cut strands in a short period, something is wrong. All lines do eventually wear, and should be inspected for cuts with each setup, but I would not worry. Concerning the bent small toggles, now called push-pins, we are aware of the issue affecting that discontinued production design, and in the process of notifying customers how to avoid trouble: https://www.tensaoutdoor.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Safety_notice_May_2019.pdf .

  32. Chad Mynatt (verified owner)

    Great design. Holes were rough and needed some serious sanding so they wouldn’t ruin another set of attachment lines. All good now and damaged parts were replaced without question. And fast. Customer service was top notch

  33. Stephen Bentley (verified owner)

    These work as advertised. Very sturdy and extensions give plenty of room

    Image #1 from Stephen Bentley
    Image #2 from Stephen Bentley
    Image #3 from Stephen Bentley
  34. Shane S. (verified owner)

    The Tensa4 is the perfect stand. It requires a minimal footprint to setup. It breaks down and stores away in a compact carry case. It can accommodate many different hammock and tarp sizes.

    The hang of my hammock from the Tensa4 is more comfortable than any tree hang I’ve ever had. This product is exceptionally designed and engineered and backed by great customer service.

  35. Eduardo Hernandez (verified owner)

    A truly outstanding product. They’re not offering anything they’re not delivering. I’ve used the stand at home with my daily sleeping hammock and have absolutely zero complaints. I recommend the UCR option as they are very cleverly laid out and use amsteel (still can’t wrap my head around the black magickery they use to make that thing as lightweight and tough as it is) as it’s only material. You don’t need to be a weight weenie to appreciate how much more compact, lightweight and durable it makes the whole assembly. The base gets assembled and torn down very fast and efficiently. The trimming and fine adjusting to your hammock’s optimum won’t be as intuitive the first three times but from there on it will be second nature. It is a breeze compared to setting up any tent. Mine got shipped lighting fast and couldn’t be happier with it. Planning on getting a couple more soon.

  36. Gregory T. (verified owner)

    I’m 6’5″ 240 lbs and the hammock stand works great. It’s very sturdy, easy to setup and packs down very small which makes it easy to transport. I plan to using it camping on my motorcycle along with other camping trips with my truck.

  37. Roye (verified owner)

  38. Chris W. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Tensa4 right before a 6-day biking trip through jeep trails in Southern Utah (the Hayduke Trail). Todd was very quick to answer questions and shipped it fast. Over those six days we encountered intense rains, hail, wind, and blazing heat. I was comfy in my hammock! I found the Tensa4 accepted my tarp without any need for adapters or jury-rigging. I never used the head side ground anchor–the foot anchor is totally sufficient. (Most of the time, I tied it to a tree or a rock formation.)

  39. David Linnabary (verified owner)

    Still getting acquainted with the Tensa but pleasantly surprised that it provides adequate height for a tarp even without extensions. Very pleased with the quality of the tubing and the rigging seems quite well thought out, I went with the Amsteel as opposed to strap rigging. The big orange stakes work beautifully. Like most hammock enthusiasts, I’ll be looking to customize the rigging but I don’t see very much to improve on. Overall very pleased.

    Image #1 from David Linnabary
  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My stand was initially missing a piece, but Todd sent me the missing piece immediately. Fantastic service, fantastic product.

  41. Logan M. (verified owner)

    Bought this to camp at in the Redwoods and it was worth every penny. As Shug said in his video there is a LOT of tweakin’ but once you get the right hang it’s amazing! Thank for making a stellar product and one I’ll enjoy for many,many years!

    Image #1 from Logan M.
  42. Steve Kurz (verified owner)

    Awesome, fast and easy!
    Works great with a gathered end or Amok hammock!!
    Have spent the last 7 nights in the Tensa4/Amok DraumrXL ?
    I had watched a few videos on set up so that part was quick. Tweaking and dialing in did not take long either. Took down and moved around multiple times. Super fast! Once your suspension lengths and base width are figured out it is easy to get the same set each time. Mark the lines or take note of the lengths.
    Very solid feel while suspended. Guy lines do not need to be tight to provide good support. Looks like system is designed to have slack throughout to work in unison. Ground anchor’s are cool and work well. Have been using them in somewhat sandy soil with no issues.
    I have a 10.5’ tarp that works just fine on the Tensa4 without the extension kit, headroom is a little low but not bad and just right for rain. ?
    Seems well made. Strong and sturdy. I may order another set of ball tethers. After seven nights of use the Amsteel is showing signs of damage from the edges of the holes they pass through tying the system together. This set should take care of the “polishing “ but will need to be replaced in the near future. Very minor issue if paid attention to.
    Since receiving the Tensa4 I have now ordered the Tensa solo and a solo conversion kit for my gathered end. Gotta have options!!
    Over all I am more than pleased. Quality product!

    Image #1 from Steve Kurz
  43. Markus (verified owner)

    I’m surprised how often I find myself using my Tensa4! It works so well that I don’t bother fussing around looking for trees if they aren’t readily available. I also find I get better locations with the Tensa4 than I often do with trees. It’s easy to set up and take down. Most of the time I just collapse it in one piece; I seldom take it apart. I have two tarps that work well with it, and I’m always dry and comfortable. Service from Todd was amazing! I highly recommend.

  44. Jason King (verified owner)

    I love being able to set up anywhere! It is just as comfortable in my hammock using my Tensa 4 as when slung between two trees. Easier to understand once you see it for yourself. I think the tarp extension poles will be my next purchase.

    Image #1 from Jason King
    Image #2 from Jason King
  45. Rosa Wurtz

    I just got the Tensa 4 yesterday, I got it all set up and I spent the night outside on my deck. Im super happy, the stand goes together easy, was easy to adjust, its very stable and I feel very secure while in the hammock as well. I got the stand because of its compact size. Ill be using it on my motorcycle trips from now on, no more sleeping on the ground. Im looking forward to the many years of future trips and camping weekends with my Tensa4. Im very satisfied with the Tensa 4 Hammock stand. If you enjoy using a hammock this stand is a must have, best part you can set it up anywhere, No trees required! #1 stand in my book

  46. Andrea D. (verified owner)

    I was looking for an easy hammock stand to be able to hang any time without taking up all the space in my apartment. This has been perfect. I can set it up in less than 10 min, take down is even quicker. I can fold it up and store it right by the sliding door. It is easily the best money I spent during the shelter-in-place. Thanks for an amazing product!

    Image #1 from Andrea D.
  47. Jacob L. (verified owner)

    I quite enjoy my Tensa4 stand. It works mostly perfect with my hammock. I am a 6’ 220lbs male, and I sleep pretty well with the hang. I wish it was just a tad bit longer and taller for that perfect hang. Hard to beat real trees! However, for limited hang out in the desert it works extremely well. My head sometimes lightly touches the poles on either side when I slightly rock, which is why I feel like a larger version might be nice. The company is super kind and good to work with. The inside clips for telescoping are sometimes a litte loose and slide down the shafts, but it isn’t too much of an issue.

  48. Anthony Chadwick (verified owner)

    Having made a DIY version weighing 40kg decided to support the team by purchase of the T4

    4 weeks later and an import customs of £89 gbp. It arrived.

    Just in time for a Virtual Scout Camp for the summer solstice. Brilliant experience. Father and Son camping side by side in our tends stands.

    Thank you for all the future experiences we can now have Todd and Cheryl

    Image #1 from Anthony Chadwick
    Image #2 from Anthony Chadwick
    Image #3 from Anthony Chadwick
  49. William O. (verified owner)

    Very well put together kit for freestanding your hammock. It takes a little tweekin but once it is set…that’s it buddy! Love it…so portable too.

  50. Keith YOUNG (verified owner)

    Thank you so much

    Image #1 from Keith YOUNG
    Image #2 from Keith YOUNG
  51. Gabriel Z. (verified owner)

    This stand has been nothing short of perfect. I’ve used it over 14 nights without fail. Setup is incredibly easy, even with a tarp.

    Image #1 from Gabriel Z.
  52. Denise M. (verified owner)

    Product is exactly as described. Fits on my motorcycle which is of major importance to me. It took a bit to figure out how to put it together but after watching their video it went together with very little issues. Excited to be able to use it more throughout the years.

    Image #1 from Denise M.
    Image #2 from Denise M.
  53. Chris (verified owner)

    Great customer service and a great product

  54. Michael (verified owner)

    Brilliant execution on an elegant concept! The little things matter, and they NAILED the details – perfect pins to guide soft shackles through the tips, color coded webbing to make setup foolproof, and even a concise printed setup guide that was so clear that I didn’t have to consult the interwebs!

    My favorite thing is that now I can hammock in full, clear view of the stars anywhere my journeys take me!

  55. Eddy (verified owner)

    The Tensa has taken my hammock camping experience to another level of sheer enjoyment. I do multi day river trips but have always had to be prepared to ground camp due to lack of suitable hammocking sites. The Tensa allows me to set up anywhere on a gravel bar without the hassle of prepping a site to accommodate my hammock. The more you use this set up, the more proficient you become at getting closer to that perfect night on the river. I would never go on a river trip without my paddle and I’d never go on a river trip without my Tensa. Well worth the price.

  56. Michael J. (verified owner)

    Brilliant and beautiful solution to waiting to hang anywhere, anytime!

  57. SEISHI TOMITA (verified owner)

    I had a friend of mine for Tensa4 for a year and thought the styling was nice, but I was happy with the usual hammock style so I didn’t really want it.

    There were no trees at the camp event venue last fall, so I had no choice but to borrow my friend Tensa4. However, when I sit on the hammock on Tensa4, it’s very solid, and it feels as stable as hanging on a tree.

    I ordered Tensa 4 on the spot if I could get this much satisfaction in a place without trees.

    I’ve been using Tensa4 about 6 times since then and am very happy with it.

    If you forcibly raise the difficulty of Tensa4, when you bonfire while sitting in a hammock (this is my basic style), the pole at your feet gets in the way a little.

    So I ordered Tensa Solo a few days ago. It would be great if you could choose which one to use depending on the situation.
    I’m also looking forward to Tensa Solo.

    Thank you Todd for making such wonderful products.

    Image #1 from SEISHI TOMITA
    Image #2 from SEISHI TOMITA
  58. James Pueringer (verified owner)

    Used in the Mojave Desert twice now for several nights each. Works great! EZ setup. Solid. Tarp extensions work great with both an 11′ and 13′ Superfly.

  59. YAMAGUCHI D. (verified owner)

    Give the hammock freedom. It’s a great product!

  60. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    Works great, and is very portable.

  61. gerald dehart (verified owner)

    Love it dont camp with out traveling with me

  62. Christine O. (verified owner)

  63. Shannon M. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my stand. I have slept in one several times before and that was why I made the purchase. I am so glad I did!!! If you are thinking about buying one and there is something holding you back, let this be the sign that says time to go for it!

  64. Ralph (verified owner)

    Excellent product – amazing service. A hit all around

  65. Alan Goya (verified owner)

    Quality product that works with significant learning curve.

  66. Christopher Mullen (verified owner)

  67. Jeanna (verified owner)

    I just received my Tensa 4 yesterday, and from ordering to delivery it was only 5 days including the weekend! On top of that, I had a hand-written “thank you” on my packing slip. While I haven’t used it yet, after all roads pointing to Tensa4 as THE stand to have, I was at first looking at price point. Then, I looked at the fact that they hand-feed the recipe to build it for one’s self (I don’t have that skill set), which says a LOT……”buy our badass stand….but if you want to save some money and have the skill set to build one yourself, here’s all the information you need”. Wow, y’all! Oh, and there’s more after buying 2 other stands:

    ENO Nomad: It’s only $55 less and is limited to hammock length. While I’m keeping it because of it’s enclosure option and as a 2nd stand for family or friend to join me hanging, it is limited to a flat area to be staked down. The $55 price difference of the Tensa4’s ability to literally be set up ANYWHERE is worth FAR more than the extra $55 after trying out other options, AND it packs down so much smaller and is only about 1# heavier.

    Kammok Swiftlet: Super light and easy to set up, but the reason I got it was for the beach. My first trip out with it was 15mph wind and gusts up to 28mps, which was basically turning the stand into a kite during set up and it wasn’t worth the sand load. I’m sure it’s great for basic set up, but there are similar stands for less than half as much, and I’d probably never use it as a chair stand. I love the company, and their lifetime warranty for everything (I have several of their products), but I’m returned the stand because it’s too light to set up in any real wind. If they made a longer base bar to accommodate longer hammocks, the value would be greater to me for sure. It is only $56 less than the Tensa4, and about a pound lighter.

    TENSA4 for the win! I have a picture of all 3 stands side by side to show their packable sizes, with only about a pound difference.

    Image #1 from Jeanna
  68. Amber A. (verified owner)

    At first I was intimidated by the set up of the Tensa 4, but now that I have set it up several times, it has become easier. I love that I can still use my hammock even if their aren’t suitable trees in the area!! I love it!!!

  69. Warren Werner (verified owner)

    I just used my Tensa4 hammock stand for the first time this past weekend, camping off my motorcycle. I am MORE than happy with this stand! I used the stand with my Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro and ENO Pro Fly. Rain was forecast, so I tied the tarp out to the stand at the centers, then wrapped the corners around the stand and tied them together. This didn’t work too bad, though I found out that it would have been better to tie the corners together INSIDE the stand poles rather than going around the outside of them. In any case, only one end of the hammock got wet at all, and I personally was dry all night. Added benefit of being able to stow my other gear underneath the whole system, keeping it out of the rain as well. I’m not done tweaking the setup just yet…I’m sure I can get it better!
    Thanks for the awesome product. I had been looking for something like this for a LONG time!

    Image #1 from Warren Werner
    Image #2 from Warren Werner
    Image #3 from Warren Werner
  70. Charles Cole (verified owner)

    Presently very unhappy with the (zing-it) lines (orange & black ) . I have just clocked up 4000 miles last month and this month Oregon to Oklahoma. Everytime i set up the single pole system i have one or more of the locking lines (pole to ground ) slip in the middle of the night !!!! Even set it up in my moms front yard last week and low and behold it slips. I’m very familiar with the locking line system , for i have made my own for backing. The ones that i made myself and attached to my Hennessy hammock work fine after 5 + years! So since I’m still traveling for another month or so, I’ve sent the orange and black lines home , and used some spare dynema line i have on hand and made permanent looped end lines to use the single pole system for the rest of my trip . Other than that every thing works fine . Edwardcole144@yahoo.com

    • Todd (store manager)

      It’s unusual for lines to slip with Tensa4, since the forces are modest. Please assure the orange side is down; black up. We assume you know about “milking the bury” to lock. You can tie a slippery half hitch where the tail enters the constrictor to prevent slipping. If this continues to be a problem there may be some defect or contamination of your lines, and we hope you’ll email us about warranty replacement or a change to webbing lines.

    • Cheryl Mitchell (store manager)

      In addition to Todd’s reply, after milking the bury throw a locking slippery half hitch on the free end side of the line. Whoopies have tension on both ends and therefore do not slip. UCRs have greater length adjustability and can go smaller (which is why we use them) BUT have tension on only ONE end. They will slip unless the bury is milked out.

  71. John H. (verified owner)

    You pay for quality and that’s what you get. Not nearly as complicated as you think it will be. It has become a permanent fixture in my yard. I will be getting another for the Mrs.

    Image #1 from John H.
  72. Marc (verified owner)

    I love it!
    100% perfect system.
    I can hardly wait for summer.

    Image #1 from Marc
  73. Leland Burkhart (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the purchase. There were a few set up questions that the instructions did not cover, specifically. Other than getting acquainted with all the parts and pieces, I like this very much.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Thanks for your review. How should we improve the instructions to cover the specifics you had to figure out?

  74. Leland S Burkhart (verified owner)

    I left a review criticizing the set-up instructions shortly after receiving my Tensa 4. The criticism should have been more about my ability to follow instructions and reading them completely. I have set up my Tensa 4 several times since and love it. You aren’t going to backpack very far with it, but it solves a lot of my car camping and park “pad” camping issues. I won’t sleep on the ground, in a tent any longer. Now, I will never have to. If you are on the fence, get it. You’ll never regret it.

    Image #1 from Leland S Burkhart
    Image #2 from Leland S Burkhart
  75. Patrick (verified owner)

    I’m using it indoors to keep from putting (more) anchors in the walls. I accidentally collapsed it twice while rolling over using it with a Draumr 5.0 during which it sustained no damage (and neither did I if you don’t count pride). After putting some hooks in the floor through the carpet because there just wasn’t enough real estate to properly anchor otherwise, I am now using it with my older Hennessey Expedition Zip and it (gasp) fits, unlike some others out there. I really look forward to using it out camping ? whenever the restrictions let up. In the meantime, when I can afford one, I will be testing with a Haven hammock as well. It is very solid, yet relatively light. Unfortunately, my bachelor mess of ham radio gear etc precludes shareable photos!

  76. Jon G. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the Tensa unit. Easy to setup and works very well. Love it

  77. MAKOTO KAWANISHI (verified owner)

    It’s a very nice item.

    Image #1 from MAKOTO KAWANISHI
  78. SOICHI O. (verified owner)

    The button of the telescopic pole does not work well when used for the second time, and the pole does not reach the extended state.

    It may be because the button coming out of the pole is smaller than the normal pole. Other than that, there is no problem, but one pole quickly becomes sick and cannot be used.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Hi – The button may be irregular. Please try removing it and bending if necessary so the tips “kiss” when squeezed. If in doubt, compare to one that works properly. Also try bending so it looks more like the 2nd version than the 1st: bent spring button. Please feel free to email us for any support. Thanks!

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and great product! Thank you!!

  80. Jason Fischer (verified owner)

    I am a backyard hammock camper at best, but in my imagination I am ready for epic camp trips with the gear I have now! As silly as this sounds it really never occurred to me that a camp ground my not allow hanging on trees direct and while I have never ran into that situation, I’d like to be preapred in the case my wildest hammock camping dreams ever come true! In my yard I do have some trees but i find it hard to get the right hang with some yard obstacles and I’ve tried to creat a hammock friendly yard. In short during my struggles to get the distances right I came across this very unique stand and I was originally just curious with how the heck it worked! After reading the reviews, and watching a couple of the YouTube reviews, i jumped in. I am very impressed with the engineering and form factor of this solution. The Tensa4 is well engineered and compact solution for a consistent hang, also for situations where there may be no trees you can hang from. I received it yesterday and set it up and enjoyed the learning process. I also got a solo conversion kit for one leg because I can envision at least one tree or car luggage rack to connect one side to. I will add more pics, but I’m just thankful I jumped in and added this to my tool kit. Thank you for a great product!

  81. Doug S. (verified owner)

    I tried the one tree hang in the backyard the other day. It was a relaxing hang for sure.

    In the woods, I was able to be less picky of where I camped. A few days ago I set up in a sparsely treed tent spot while dispersed camping in the Huron National Forest. The foot end guy line was strapped to a tree and it worked well.

    Maybe this is just learning curve, but I had a difficult time using both the tarp extensions. The pole kept falling out of the cradle thingy when I walked from one end of the Tensa4 to the other. But, when one tarp end was secured to the carabiner latched to the guy line daisy chain, the other end was very easy to set up the tarp extension.

    It ended up working out just fine since I really only needed one end of the tarp raised that hang.

    The Tensa4 is a great bit of kit. It’s not a one trick pony – versatile and engineered well. I would buy it again.

    Image #1 from Doug S.
    Image #2 from Doug S.
  82. Derek (verified owner)

    Love it. Would like a video on the how to to use the tensa4 with the conversion to ba able to use the pole as a solo

  83. Dave C. (verified owner)

    This is a great product. I took it to Boy Scout Camp last week and it was great.

  84. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Top notch. Performs exactly as described.

  85. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    We absolutely love our Tensa 4 stands! I was even able to use 1/2 of the Tensa stand & 1 tree, to give me the best possible view from my hammock. Their customer support is very responsive & caring.

    Image #1 from Kevin H.
    Image #2 from Kevin H.
  86. Calep Clifford (verified owner)

    Great product. Great company.

  87. Gary R. (verified owner)

    I loved my original Tensa stand but had a chance to upgrade. My new one is even better! It is much easier to set up and the new feet are awesome. The only thing I miss are the whoopie slings that were used on my old one, but that is easy enough to swap out for the webbing that is included.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Thanks Gary. UCR lines are still available for those who prefer (we have never sold Whoopies), but we now bundle webbing because it includes hammock suspension adjustable down to a few inches unlike Whoopies or UCRs, most find webbing easier to use, and it costs much less.

  88. Ernest W. (verified owner)

    Its the best option for a portable hammock stand. Its a little heavy for back packing and there is a learning curve. I wish that it fit my 11’/12′ hammocks better. I prefer to use my 9′ hammocks when using the Tensa

    • Todd (store manager)

      Standing by for adjustment pointers if you’re having issues with 11 or 12′ hammocks (email pics with you in the 12′ from side!). We take pride in the fact they accommodate larger hammocks, but the adjustments can be a bit subtle!

  89. Ryan (verified owner)

    I used my Tensa4 with a Haven Safari hammock on my trip to Iceland. Very happy with it, and with the savings from camping over hotels it more than paid for itself.

  90. Daniel B. (verified owner)

    The Tensa4 was very easy to setup, even the first time and as a new hammocker. The instructions were clear and both the orange screw and the boomstake have been very effective anchors. I’m still making adjustments to optimize my setup but so far have found the stand very comfortable and flexible. The poles are extremely high quality and smooth to extend/retract and the webbing straps are also very easy to adjust. Ordering was smooth, processed very quickly, and shipped quickly. Thank you!

  91. Davide Giovanni Maria Salvetti (verified owner)

    Easy to setup, light and sturdy. Very comfortable once you find the right baseline length.

  92. Eli Worthy (verified owner)

    I love the creative way that the stand encases you and holds you up. There was a massive learning curve with setting it up but once I figured it out it was amazing. Also y’all were not very helpful with that part. The instructions were very unclear and I tried to look up the videos and try to understand but it was very difficult. I am an avid Boy Scout and this stand has given me the opportunity to set my hammock up in my backyard. So overall it’s good. I would recommend.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Thanks for reviewing, Eli. We’re sorry you found setup challenging. The “magic” way it works is a double-edged sword maybe, not intuitive to all at first, but becoming a proud conversation piece of cleverness once sorted. Did you check latest instructional video that we hope is more clear than previous? Any hints on where you got stuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ueNnd4nBQM

  93. Eric (verified owner)

    A year ago, I didn’t even know hammock stands were a thing. I always spend a night car camping at a state park after a hiking trip before going home (kind of a mini “luxury” vacation). Although using trees is permissible at the park, many of the sites do not have them available, and I had to bring a tent with me just in case. This stand is perfect for solving this issue. I found it easy to set up, even on the first try (although I did watch YouTube to get an idea first). It works fine with my Clark NX-270. It does exactly what it claims and I believe it’s a good value after researching other stands- well done!

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