Email is the right way to reach us. We strive to respond faster than most people check voicemail, sometimes within minutes, even off hours.

If you’re looking for a user support forum, place to share experiences, tips, photos, and so on, you could do worse than the Tensa Outdoor subforum on Hammock Forums, or the (new in 2023) Tensa Outdoor Reddit forum.


  • Tensa4 User Guide. This provides more detail than the abridged “Quick Start” included with the product. Revised January 2022, reflecting current setup details, this guide may be useful also for owners of older production stands.

  • Tensa4 owner Travis shot this brief setup video on his phone, and we think it’s pretty great.

  • Two hammocks, one Tensa4 split in two with single support (car, tree, pole, whatever)

  • Even faster setup, after you’ve worked out the line lengths. Hint: keep connections intact between setups:

  • Tensa4 Tarp Extension instructions. This PDF has several pages not included in the older 1-page printed sheets we’ve sent.

  • Alternate Tensa4 set-up for larger bridge hammocks. Should not be necessary for the popular Warbonnet Ridgerunner, but some may prefer it.

Tensa Solo

Tensa Trekking Treez


  • Tensa Boomstake. The titanium spike penetrates ground too hard for screw type anchors, and can even be hammered into softer rock. It can also make pilot holes for screw anchors, or probe for underground rocks to place anchors immediately behind. The included boom is useful in soft ground conditions, unnecessary in firm.

    We include one of these and one screw-type anchor with Tensa4 to cover the widest range of ground conditions for the critical foot-side anchor.

    Ground anchors are a last resort. As always, the best anchors are on site: bases of woody shrubs, picnic tables, vehicles, door hinge pins, etc. Tensa4’s foot anchor needs to hold about 1/2 of the user’s body weight for security. Reducing the tilt of the stand and anchoring both ends, you can get away with less secure anchor points.

  • Peggy Peg instructions. These are our lightest anchor even after the required 17mm driver, good in soft ground, serviceable in harder, especially if you hammer pilot holes first with an 8mm titanium stake as bundled with our Boomstakes. Always attach guyline at ground level, even if you can’t drive the peg in all the way. Pegs can become brittle when very dry, so let sit with a splash of water to make more bendy and less prone to cracking if over-torqued. If the peg winds up more than 1/8th turn in hard ground, STOP to avoid breaking.