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TREEZ ARE BACK IN STOCK (21 JULY 2024). Actually I have all the parts and will build and ship them as fast as I can. BUT don’t expect them to ship before 9 August, 2024. There is a limited number available, and the following batch is expected early October. We are working hard at improving the availability. First come, first served.

Trekking Treez is the market’s lightest hammock stand, opening up vast tracts of tree-sparse wilderness to backpacking with a hammock as your only sleeping arrangement. Total weight will depend on whether you carry one or two poles, your anchor selection, your height, and even your hammock hang preferences. But the complete pair that Todd took on his 1300 miles of California PCT in 2022, with five anchors, bags and everything, weighed 3.2lbs (1460g). Because Treez replace your normal trekking poles, you subtract what those weigh for the net impact on your carry.

A single Treez includes the pole, Top Knob, TLC, Hubz, Ultrasuede wrist strap, rubber tip, and carry bag. Optional items 2 amsteel guylines and your choice of 2 anchors

The poles in hand weigh 12oz (340g) each, without carry-optional extension segments for hikers taller than about 6′ (1.8M). That’s lighter than some well-reviewed aluminum trekking poles, but because they are strong carbon fiber, they are probably the most reliable trekking poles you can buy, the opposite of notoriously fragile ultralight trekking poles. The system packs to 19.5″ (50cm) long. Further weight savings accrue from not needing to carry or even own redundant ground-based sleeping gear just in case no suitable trees show up at your campsite.

We sell poles individually (one side, not a pair), because one is enough when single trees or similar hanging points are available, and many prefer to hike with only one as lightest and most economical. You can configure a single pole tall enough to be used in the manner of a hiking staff.

Your gathered-end hammock, up to 12′ long, must have a ridgeline, either integral or you can order one from us to span the poles. The optimal tarp length is 11′ (3.35M); longer require more packed weight or workarounds to tension properly.

If you do hike or bike but don’t use trekking poles, consider Tensa Solo to save money and gain simplicity, at very little extra net weight, and an even smaller packing size. If you won’t hike far or at all with your stand, Tensa4 is likely your best choice.

See the new-for-2.0 User Guide (PDF format) for full detail. See also our instructional setup video, or Some advanced anchoring tips…. Finally, we’ve made several blog posts detailing their use. Shug Emery’s unofficial, unpaid video review and demo of Trekking Treez is fun. We made some comments with minor corrections, other notes.

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Standard parts with a Treez order.

Poles are adjustable length both in trekking and hammock stand mode, with a maximum hammock hang height at 56″, enough height for gathered-end hammocks up to 12′ long with room for underquilts. When not hanging a hammock, completely maxed out, say for supporting a tarp or fording whitewater, each pole can have the grips at 63″, or 75″ (190cm) tip to tip.

We warrant the poles for users up to 250lbs (110kg). Ground anchor hold, rather than pole strength, is usually the relevant weight limiter. Hiking out of very loose or muddy soil to firmer ground is advisable. Tensa Boomstake anchors can be pounded into extremely hard ground, affording excellent stability. Bases of woody shrubs, chinks in rocks, additional or alternate anchors, and other opportune tie-down points can work where Boomstakes may not.

For those of you who already own suitable guylines and anchors we are now offering a pole-only option. Your guylines MUST be hammock-suspension rated. Our Hubz are sized for 7/64″ Amsteel, so if using with webbing tie a small Amsteel loop to the end of the webbing. Anchors should be at least 30cm (12″) long. Anything shorter may often not hold.

Choice of anchors (pair). Depth matters.

  • Large Orange Screws (30cm) – 275gm with one insertion tube carried
  • 40cm Boomstakes – 272gm
  • 30cm Boomstakes – 228gm
  • Large Peggy Pegs (31cm) – 130gm plus one 8gm 17mm driver wrench (don’t forget to order at least one, a separate line item). These are the lightest, but can’t be driven into the hardest ground. Carrying one 30cm Boomstake in addition will let you hammer pilot holes for the Peggy Pegs, making this the lightest and most reliable combination overall.

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 20 × 6.1 × 3 in
Poles sold individually; order two for a pair. Select top knob color:

Orange, Black, Yellow

Anchor type

2 Large Orange Screws, 2 30cm Boomstakes, 2 40cm Boomstakes, 2 Large Peggy Pegs, No Anchors and No guylines

15 reviews for Tensa Trekking Treez hammock stand

  1. Hilary Thornton (verified owner)

    Tensa Outdoor’s products are crafted with great care AND Cheryl provides personalized customer service before and after the sale that you simply won’t get from a “big” company. At one point I was having an issue with one of the very early production parts seeming to fit right and she scheduled a video call with me to “show” me how to easily make the repair with tools I had in my own home, avoiding the need to ship anything back to her (although if I had wanted to do that, she’d have done the repair for me herself, I’m sure).

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great service!! They really care about making sure you have a good experience with the product!

  3. Nicholas (verified owner)

    I love my pole – it takes away my biggest anxiety about hammock camping – not having a place to hang!

  4. Doug Nichol (verified owner)

    There was a minor issue with one of the sections not fitting smoothly but after emailing and following the advice, it’s working perfectly now. Top quality materials – strong and light weight. Works exactly as promised.

  5. Alan Gosling (verified owner)

    This is an amazing idea and I’ve used them now a couple of times. The only thing I would say is, and this is the reason for the 3 stars, is that an alternative method to put the nuts in the poles for screwing the sections together needs to be found as one of mine has come off and trapped up inside the other section. Also the grip for the adjustable section is very flimsy and not upto what it’s intended for and one of mine is splitting and Will more than likely sperate from pole.

    For what I use them for I love these as I’ve wanted something that I can pack into my bag that doesn’t weigh to much and these do the job very well for when there are no trees.

    I would recommend something that maybe goes through both sections such a quick clip. I’ll find a picture and email to you.

    Image #1 from Alan Gosling
    Image #2 from Alan Gosling
    • Todd (store manager)

      Hi Alan – We handled your product failure as a warranty rather than design issue, with apologies. We already went down the road of clips in a previous product iteration, and the present method is better in every way, occasional warranty issues aside. As for the grips wearing prematurely, this isn’t part of a pattern we’ve seen, but replacements are available. I have about 1400 miles on my grips, and they look like new. This is because I don’t grip the grips, but let the straps bear my weight. We recently standardized on a new strap design that encourages good form, and they’ll retrofit to older product if of interest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERKsm8-FIzA

  6. Steven C. (verified owner)

    I don’t have a lot to say. I love them.

  7. Kevin

    I bought my Tensa Trekking Treez in the fall, one only, and set it up a couple times in the yard. It works GREAT!! Most of my camping is out of my canoe and I have been in places where the best distance between trees isn’t available or not on in an ideal spot. This opens up tons of options for places to hang. I opted for the longer boomstakes and I am impressed with how they hold. I am not a big guy but I do move around a bit in the hammock. I struggled with getting the Dutchgear Winter Wide tarp to work but my Hennessey tarp works great. I don’t see this as an option for me in the winter anyway as I think it would be close to impossible to get the boomstakes out of the ground. Anyway, a great system and I am looking forward to using them all spring , summer and fall.

    Image #1 from Kevin
    Image #2 from Kevin
  8. Chrisanne (verified owner)

    I have all the Tensa products. I love being able to hammock camp / sleep in a hammock wherever I go, outdoors or indoors.
    The owners, Cheryl and Todd have been very helpful with any questions I have had.
    I recommend these hammock stand options to everyone. Whatever hammock situation, they’ve got it figured out.

  9. Peter B. (verified owner)

    This single pole hammock stand is nicely constructed. I recently used it during a few nights in the Colorado River Grand Canyon area, where trees are limited. Worked as promised.

  10. Roman (verified owner)

    i am soooo thrilled! i very quickly found full confidence in the pole, which is rock solid when set up correctly.
    only the trekking pole function has a little rattle. but im super happy.
    the best are the titan tent sticks with the aluminium sleeves… dear builders, 10 points for you. so simple yet so efficient and clever.

  11. Mike Ventura (verified owner)

    Well made and solid. Pretty easy to set up and works well as a trekking pole. The tarp extension feels a bit weaker-even with new TLC (though that does seem to help) but I plan to just use the handle top with the tarp lower. I use a small enough tarp when backpacking that it works fine. I think this may be a difficulty when users heavily tighten their tarps to keep them from flapping in the wind. But in those conditions I like my tarp low and tight anyways. That said the pole itself is very strong and secure and I have had no trouble trusting it. (I weigh in at 200lbs).

    • Cheryl Mitchell (store manager)

      Mike, Glad you like them. The joint between the top of the pole and the Tarp lifter (aka upside down trekking foot section) will never be as strong as the other joints. The new TLC isn’t to make the connection stronger, it is to fail before the trekking foot section does if the user fails to guy the very tip of the Tarp lifter out.

      We recommend using 2 guylines opposite the pull of the tarp and connecting those guylines to the main hammock pole guylines. Or as you are planning, just put the tarp over the Top Knob without the Tarp lifter installed.

  12. Cheryl Mitchell (store manager)

    A 2 Treez hang is best done with an 11 foot tarp. If you have a longer tarp you will need to either choke up to make it an 11 footer, or drape the tarp over the tip of the poles or tarp lifters. Use the Top Knob to keep from abrading your tarp. If you try to space the poles to fit the tarp, your hammock will be very close, if not on, the ground. Use no more than about 2-4″ of suspension (the shorter the better) between the poles and the hammock gather.

  13. Davide Giovanni Maria Salvetti (verified owner)

    I just love my Treez. They are very comfortable to walk with, and let me hang comfortably in places otherwise unhammockable. Peggy pegs are my favorite anchor but in the hardest ground.

  14. Stephanie W. (verified owner)

  15. gunther kern (verified owner)

    The poles are very well made and cover a lot of options. When I hike weight is most important and I leave the extensions on the top as well as the steel tips at home since the poles with the rubber feet work well for most hiking and are long enough to suspend a hammock. I personally use a Warbonnet hammock with a double bottom. I found that the right tensioning cords and anchors are key to get a good setup that is stable. If I hike in mixed terrain I take the titanium stakes with the aluminum booms since they always work in any ground. The peggy peg screws 30 cm are also a good alternative and probably the lightest. If you take those bring at least one titanium stake to prepare very hard ground. The amsteel lines that Tensa offers are first class. Either buy those or make your own if you have time and skills. The prize Tensa charges is very fair for the time it takes to make them.
    All in all a well thought out setup to hang a hammock anywhere.
    You get what you pay for. A portable solution that works.

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