Tensa Solo hammock stand


Tensa Solo packs much smaller and lighter than Tensa4, and costs less. Unlike Tensa4, it requires strong ground anchoring, making it unsuitable indoors, and a little less reliable because not all soils work well with all anchors.

Each Solo supports one side of a hammock, enough when you can find one tree or similar suitable hanging point. Two is a complete system. Before ordering more than two, consider whether our Tensa4 stand with Solo conversion kits might be a better value.

Solo requires a ridgeline, whether integrated into your hammock or provided separately (not included). If your hammock doesn’t have a ridgeline but did come with tree straps, you can use a tree strap as a ridgeline, or you can order one from our Parts section. A tarp can also serve the function of a ridgeline in holding the poles up when the hammock is unoccupied.

Solo consists of a 5-segment telescoping pole, two guylines, two ground anchors, and a drawstring bag, packing to 20.5″x1.5″ (52cm/3.8cm). Pole capacity is 350lbs/160kg; in practice, the hold of the ground anchors is more important than pole strength in determining the weight limit. We suggest 250lbs/110kg for more peace of mind. Hard soils will support more; very loose less.

If you want to purchase only the pole, check this link. Saves money if you already have suitable anchors and lines, but note that we can’t fully support system components we do not provide.

Check the Tensa Solo instructions for detail.
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  • Tarp height: 68″/173cm
  • Hammock suspension height: 59″/150cm
  • Pole length packed: 20″/50cm
  • With webbing and Orange Screws: 52oz/1474g
  • With Amsteel and Boomstakes: 39oz/1105g

Additional information

Weight 45 oz
Dimensions 21 × 2 × 4 in

Webbing, Amsteel, None


Orange Screws, 30cm Tensa Boomstakes, 40cm Tensa Boomstakes, None


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