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A truly backpack-ready hammock stand, Trekking Treez are stout carbon fiber trekking poles that convert to a stand, for backpackers like us committed to sleeping in hammocks even in tree-sparse wilderness. If you do hike but don’t use trekking poles, consider Tensa Solo to save money. If you don’t hike, Tensa4 is a better choice.

We sell sides individually (one pole), because one is enough when single trees or similar hanging points are available, and many prefer to hike with only one as lightest.

Each side of the current version 2.0 “Svelte” adds about 12 ounces to your base weight, with 12 ounces of pole in your hand. The system packs to 19.5″ (50cm) long. Further weight savings accrue from not needing to carry or even own redundant ground-based sleeping gear just in case no suitable trees present at your campsite.

Your hammock must have a ridgeline, either integral or you can order one from us to go between the Hubz. The system will not work with hammocks having “net hoops” or similar that preclude use of a ridgeline.

See the new-for-2.0 User Guide (PDF format) for full detail. See also our instructional setup video.

If you order ONE (1) you get ONE pole

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Poles are adjustable length both in trekking and hammock stand mode, with a maximum hammock hang height at 56″, plenty for gathered-end hammocks up to 12′ long with room for underquilts. Accommodates bridge hammocks as well, as long as compatible with a ridgeline (required). QTY 1 = ONE pole

We warrant the system for users up to 250lbs (110kg). Ground anchor strength, rather than pole strength is usually the relevant weight limiter. Hiking out of very loose or muddy soil to firmer ground is advisable. The Tensa Boomstake anchors can be pounded into extremely hard ground, which affords excellent stability. Bases of woody shrubs, chinks in rocks, additional or alternate anchors, and other opportune tie-down points can work where Boomstakes may not.

Choice of anchors (pair). Depth matters.
– Large Orange Screws (30cm) – 275gm with one insertion tube carried
– 40cm Boomstakes – 272gm
– 30cm Boomstakes – 228gm
– Large Peggy Pegs (31cm) – 130gm plus one 8gm 17mm driver wrench (sold separately)

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 20 × 6.1 × 3 in
Top knob color

Black, Yellow, Orange

Anchor type

Large Orange Screws, 30cm Boomstakes, 40cm Boomstakes, Large Peggy Pegs

4 reviews for Tensa Trekking Treez hammock stand

  1. Hilary Thornton (verified owner)

    Tensa Outdoor’s products are crafted with great care AND Cheryl provides personalized customer service before and after the sale that you simply won’t get from a “big” company. At one point I was having an issue with one of the very early production parts seeming to fit right and she scheduled a video call with me to “show” me how to easily make the repair with tools I had in my own home, avoiding the need to ship anything back to her (although if I had wanted to do that, she’d have done the repair for me herself, I’m sure).

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great service!! They really care about making sure you have a good experience with the product!

  3. Nicholas (verified owner)

    I love my pole – it takes away my biggest anxiety about hammock camping – not having a place to hang!

  4. Doug Nichol (verified owner)

    There was a minor issue with one of the sections not fitting smoothly but after emailing and following the advice, it’s working perfectly now. Top quality materials – strong and light weight. Works exactly as promised.

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