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We’re shipping

Today, Cheryl shipped first Tensa4 stands to customers who’d pre-ordered, ahead of schedule. We’re live!

6 thoughts on “We’re shipping

  1. How long are the stands

    1. Hi – Each of the Tensa4 poles extend to a bit over 100″. The dimensions of the deployed stand will vary with the hammock and how things are adjusted. A little over 11′ from apex to apex is easily achievable, making an 11′ tarp a good choice.

  2. So will a 11′ hammock hang with the proper 30 degree angle?

    1. Absolutely. In fact, it won’t work if you try to hang it too tight. It also requires that you follow best practice of having foot end higher than head to promote the flattest lay, putting your feet near the broadest middle section instead of up and inward toward the gather where you’ll be nudged off the diagonal.

  3. How about my 90 deg hammock tent?

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