Tensa4 hammock stand


Tensa4 is an innovative, go-anywhere hammock stand. It provides peace of mind when traveling with a hammock, indoors or out. With by far the smallest footprint, smallest packed size, and lowest weight of any stand so capable, Tensa4 supports up to 350lbs in hammocks up to 12′ long. It weighs 12-13.5 pounds depending on configuration, packs to 20″ long and about 5″ around, easy to carry on a bike, aboard a plane, or a couple miles up the trail. Check the User Guide for detail.

For lines, we offer easy-to-use webbing with cinch buckles, daisy-chains, and carabiners that can double as tree suspension, or Amsteel Utility Constrictor Ropes (UCRs) that save a pound and about half the packed space of the webbing. The webbing is a good default choice. Amsteel makes sense if you plan to order one or more Tensa Solo Conversion kits for a weight-saving option, incorporate them into your backpacking kit, or you just admire the functional and visual elegance of these hand-spliced assemblies.

For ground anchors, we offer either two Orange Screws or one Orange Screw and one Tensa Boomstake. Orange Screws hold best in soft to medium-hard soils. Boomstakes work in ground too hard to drive the Orange Screws into, such as the tent pads of many developed campsites, and medium-firm soils as well.

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