All of our guylines are usable as tree suspension and also as part of our stands. Similarly, you can use our adjustable ridgelines to upgrade any hammock lacking them. Our webbing lines with cinch buckles are easy to use and inexpensive. Our Amsteel UCR lines are light and compact, but should be paired with webbing “huggers” when used as tree suspension to protect the trees.

Our Universal (or Utility) Constrictor Rope (UCR) guylines use less line than Whoopie slings, and can be adjusted to a shorter minimum length of 2’4″, up to a max of 11’2″.

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Webbing Set, Amsteel Set, Webbing ridgeline (black), Webbing baseline (orange), Webbing guyline (black and orange), Amsteel ridgeline (black), Amsteel baseline (orange), Amsteel guyline (black and orange)


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