We get asked all the time which anchor is best. It depends.

For soft to medium soils we think the large Orange Screw is fantastic. It is the only anchor we can hang from on packed beach sand. They are made in the USA of recycled polycarbonate and incredibly durable. The manufacturer warranties them for life.

For medium to hard soils we have Tensa Boomstakes. These are two-part anchors with a nearly indestructible solid titanium spike and a hollow reinforced 7000-series aluminum boom to substantially increase the holding power. They can be pounded into ground too hard for Orange Screws. They are also lighter and more compact than Orange Screws.

For heavier hangers in softer ground, use 3 or 4 anchors per hammock end (Solo and Trekking Treez) instead of the usual 2. The other option is to get creative. Doing this we have done several hangs on granite slabs where none of our anchors were used as designed.

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Orange Screw – large, Boomstake 30cm, Boomstake 40cm


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