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What happened to the Tensa2?

As we have expanded our product line it was apparent that our naming schema was inconsistent and causing confusion on what the stand really was and what its function was. The major part of this confusion was with the Tensa2 single pole (each side) support. As a result of this we have come up with a consistent way of naming our products.

Another issue is the product transition from only offered at to a Tensa Outdoor product. Cheryl is the solo owner of TiggzCraftworkz and both Cheryl and Todd own Tensa Outdoor. The goal is to eventually transfer all the hammock related TCW items into Tensa Outdoor products. The products themselves have not changed.

TCW has offered the NoGround series, plus a variety of support items such as lines and anchors. The 2 stands are the NG Trekking, a backpackable set of purpose built trekking poles and hammock extensions and trussing to support up to 250 pounds. This is the lightest weight system we offer. Currently this is only available through

TCW has also offered the NG CarCamp tele. This is a light weight 5-section telescoping hammock support that needs no truss lines. Like the Trekking it requires 2 strong anchors per pole, and 2 poles are needed to fully support a hammock without other supports (tree, post, etc). It is almost as light as the Trekking, but all of it would go into your pack. Both TCW and Tensa Outdoor currently offer this as “CarCamp” and until a few days ago “Tensa2” respectively. TCW will quit selling these when the current stock has been sold. Thereafter they will be available as the Tensa Solo at (this site).

Tensa Solo is a 5-section telescoping pole with 4 sections usable for hammock support and the 5th only for tarp support. It uses common parts from the flagship Tensa4 plus a few unique parts to the Tensa Solo. The Solo is composed of 4 of 28 sections from the Tensa4, and therefore is not practical to build a Tensa4 from the Solos.

Our new naming schema is easy to understand. Tensa is for the company. The number following Tensa is for the full 7-section struts used. Our flagship product is the Tensa4 and it consists of 4 7-segment struts. You can take 2 struts and a fixed anchor (tree, post, etc) and make a functional hammock stand. This is now referred to as a Tensa2. Neither a Tensa1 or Tensa3 has any practical use. However a Tensa7 is a stand with 7 struts that should hold 2 hammocks. I say should – we have not yet tested that. A Tensa10 (10 interlinked struts) would hold 3 hammocks, etc.

Currently the only place to get the NoGround Trekking is via

The Tensa Solo (and NG CarCamp until sold out) are available at both websites. Same product, same builder, different color guylines.

The Tensa4 is available as pre-orders on this site.

Anchors and lines and replacement parts are also available. Just ask.