Tensa Outdoor makes innovative, ultra-portable hammock stands. We help people rest and sleep in unmatched comfort while traveling, camping, and at home, even as a nightly bed. We’re always exploring improvements to our existing products, and looking to develop new ones, wherever we see complementarities and unmet needs.

We are two people who love camping, who prefer hammocks to sleeping on the ground. Stubborn and inventive, we’ve each come up with novel ways to hang hammocks when no trees are available. We formed Tensa Outdoor in 2018 when we saw that we could improve our stands by using the same materials, joining them into a modular system, Tensa4 and Tensa Solo.

Todd has slept nightly in a hammock at home since 2013, and Cheryl has pitched hammocks while trekking above the treeline, in desert slot canyons, and once underwater scuba diving. We’re known on Hammock Forums as Latherdome and Raftingtigger, respectively.

We run the company from our homes in California and Oregon, in tandem and tag-team styles, without a formal office, showroom, or set hours. Email to our shared address is the way to reach us: quick, non-intrusive, and accountable.

Shipping and returns

We ship worldwide via the United States Postal Service (USPS), almost all of the time at the Priority service level. This is a nominal 1-3 day rate within the US, with tracking provided.

You may return new, undamaged merchandise for 30 days from receipt, because sometimes you just don’t know if you can keep something before you try it. We do ask you to pay return shipping. Please contact us for return authorization and instructions.


Our products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We will repair, replace, or refund.

We design our products to be repairable to cover ordinary mishaps, wear and tear, and will strive to offer suitable service components indefinitely.