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Tensa Solo packs much smaller and lighter than Tensa4, making it a great choice for backpacking, and it costs less. Unlike Tensa4, it requires strong ground anchoring, making it unsuitable indoors, and a little less reliable because not all soils work well with all anchors.

Each Solo supports one side of a hammock, enough when you can find one tree or similar suitable hanging point. Two is a complete system. Before ordering more than two, consider whether our Tensa4 stand with Solo conversion kits might be a better value.

Solo requires a ridgeline, either built into the hammock or provided separately (not included). If your hammock doesn’t have a ridgeline but did come with tree straps, you can use a tree strap as a ridgeline, or you can order one from our Parts page.

Solo consists of a 5-segment telescoping pole, two guylines, and two Orange Screws as ground anchors. Pole capacity is 350lbs/160kg (anchor strength permitting), packing to 20.5″x1.5″ (52cm/3.8cm), anchors and lines adding some. Extended poles are 58″/147cm to the hammock suspension, plus a 10″/25.4cm tarp extension. Weight per side complete with anchors, (Amsteel) lines and bag is 2.86lbs/1.29kg.

Check the Tensa Solo instructions for detail.
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Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 21 × 2.5 × 5 in

Webbing lines; include bag, Webbing lines; omit bag (1 fits many poles), Amsteel lines; include bag, Amsteel lines; omit bag (1 fits many poles), Pole only, nothing else

2 reviews for Tensa Solo hammock stand

  1. Bob Allison (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 Tensa Solo hammock stands, they are awesome! Easy set up, light, both fit into a nice carrying bag with anchor stakes and tie downs and any suspension gear. Use one with a tree, a car, or another anchor source, or use two Solos together wherever you want to hang. Never choose to sleep on the ground, awesome hang with Tensa Solo.

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  2. Peter W. (verified owner)

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