Peggy Peg (large) screw anchor


12-1/4″ (31cm) long
2.3 oz (65gm)
Must be inserted to depth of large screw minimum
Guyline MUST stay at ground level – this is what the rings are for. Use a self-constricting hitch.
17mm wrench (sold separately) required.

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Peggy Pegs are composite screw anchors with amazing holding power. These are 31cm long and 2.3oz / 65g. They require a 17mm wrench to insert, but you need only one for as many pegs as you have.

These work in any soil that you can screw them into. Very soft soils may require digging down to firmer soil first. For very hard or rocky soil, consider our Boomstake anchors instead, or bringing one 30cm Boomstake to hammer pilot holes as necessary for the Peggy Pegs.

The lightest known anchor combination suitable for either Tensa Solo or Trekking Treez that is still likely to work in the broadest range of conditions is four Peggy Pegs, one 30cm Boomstake with boom left aside, and one 17mm driver.

Don’t forget to get one wrench for as many anchors as you order. Wrench is not included. Anchors sold individually.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 13 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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