The difference between gear you enjoy for decades and disposables can be availability of parts, to preserve your investment. Did your offspring run over your stand with a lawnmower? Want to make something new from our parts? Did we add, remove, or modify components of a product that you’d like to fit to a different version? Order parts here.

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Flatworm toggle, Orange Screw, L, Rubber foot, #4, Rubber foot, #1, Spring button, UCR ridgeline, UCR baseline, UCR guyline, Toggle & loop connector assembly, 12Kn wiregate carabiner, Webbing ridgeline with cinch, Webbing baseline with cinch, Webbing guyline with cinch, Tubing segment #1, Tubing segment #2, Tubing segment #3, Tubing segment #4, Tubing segment #5, Carry bag


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