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The difference between gear you enjoy for decades and disposables can be availability of parts, to preserve your investment. Did your offspring run over your stand with a lawnmower? Want to make something new from our parts? Did we add, remove, or modify components of a product that you’d like to fit to a different version? Order parts here.

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Flatworm toggle, Orange Screw, L, Rubber foot, #4, Rubber foot, #1, Spring button, UCR ridgeline, UCR baseline, UCR guyline, Pushpin & loop connector assembly, small pin, Toggle & loop connector assembly, large toggle, 12Kn wiregate carabiner, Webbing ridgeline with cinch, Webbing baseline with cinch, Webbing guyline with cinch, Tubing segment #1, Tubing segment #2, Tubing segment #3, Tubing segment #4, 8mm connector hole, Tubing segment #4, 12mm connector hole, Tubing segment #5, Carry bag

11 reviews for Parts

  1. Joseph G. (verified owner)

    Owning an original beta test model, I wanted to take advantage of some of the improvements to the guylines/ridgelines/baselines. Being able to purchase the components to upgrade my existing stand was welcome and simple.

  2. Ethan (verified owner)

    The new Toggle and loop assembly, webbing ridgeline, baseline and guyline with cinches are in my opinion vastly superior to the original hardware. Since the tensa 4 wasn’t going to go out on hundred mile hikes anyway the new hardware makes a lot of sence. Its a lot easier to assemble, way faster for me and gives me more confidense in knowing I’m not going to end up flat on my back. Thanks

  3. James M. (verified owner)

  4. John R. (verified owner)

    The baseline did not have the toggles pictured above.

    • Todd (store manager)

      Hi John – We offer the Amsteel lines without hardware, as described when you select the desired variation. We’ll send you some hardware if you need same to match your pre-December 2018 lines. The current toggle and loop connectors make hardware integrated into the lines redundant.

  5. Clayton C. (verified owner)

    Having a spare spring clip gives me piece of mind.

  6. Paul Baird (verified owner)

    New suspension parts are much easier to use, easy to repeat setup. Would like more video/visual setup aids. Especially for bridge and large hangers.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    You are very helpful both in email and over the phone.

  8. Roy Hall (verified owner)

    As always – even though no lawn mowers were involved – the service was tremendous, fast shipping, I still have a hard time believing how fast you guys get things to the East Coast. The Tarp Extensions look like the usual top quality, fit and finish was perfect. Set up with the instructions was simple and easy. Put my Superfly tarp on and stayed dry through a couple of quick passing storms this weekend with a lot of headroom- wonderful! Thanks again to you guys for a wonderful product and wishing you much success!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service, I requested a tip on how to make a modification with new stand toggles , response came back immediately. Thank you.

  10. Nina Georgieva (verified owner)

  11. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Doubling up on the screws works for me. Great customer service. Keep it up.

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