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Boomstakes are probably the best anchors anywhere for medium-to-hard ground conditions. Combining titanium stakes with specially-reinforced 7000-series aluminum boom tubes, Boomstakes apply clever geometry to multiply the holding power of plain stakes, lighter and more compact than alternatives; the stakes stow inside the boom tubes.

Sold individually as 2-piece assemblies, a stake and a boom. Two recommended per side with Tensa Solo.

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Our Tensa Solo hammock stand, and to a lesser degree Tensa4, depends on strong ground anchoring. We bundle the Orange Screw anchors with these products because they perform well in most ground conditions at modest cost, especially in softer ground. But some ground is just too hard for Orange Screws. Boomstakes excel here, while performing comparably to Orange Screws in many softer soils as well. Only in the loosest soils do Orange Screws outperform Boomstakes, but in extreme cases like pea gravel and dry sugar sand, buried “dead man’s anchors” usually outperform both.

Use a mallet, big rock, log or stiff heel to pound the 8mm-thick titanium stakes into the ground, at an angle so the boom is horizontal. Then attach lines to the top of the stakes, running along the boom and looping over the end (see product photos). This changes the way the line pulls on the stake, as if from near its middle instead of end, much harder to pull out.

Check the print Tensa Boomstake setup instructions.

Boomstakes were originally sold as Alamosa Anchors by TiggzCraftworkz, one of Tensa Outdoor’s founders, using steel-reinforced aluminum stakes. Titanium stakes are much stronger. Alamosa is the poster who first described the concept on Hammock Forums in a 2011 thread, worth reading for technical discussion.

30cm variant weighs 109g, 40cm 133g. (Orange Screw weighs 163g).

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Weight 4.7 oz
Dimensions 16 × 1 × 1 in

40cm, 30cm

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