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About Tensa Outdoor

We are two people who love camping, who prefer hammocks to sleeping on the ground. We’re known on Hammock Forums as Raftingtigger and Latherdome. One of us has slept nightly in a hammock at home for five years, and the other has pitched hammocks while trekking above the treeline, in desert canyons, and once underwater scuba diving. Stubborn and inventive, we’ve each come up with novel ways to hang hammocks when no trees are available.

We formed Tensa Outdoor when we saw that we could improve our stands by using the same materials, joining them into a modular system. The four-pole Tensa4 is the lightest and most compact hammock stand that works anywhere, even indoors on top of a twin bed. It packs easily in hand luggage or on a bike. Tensa Solo is a one or two-pole stand that’s even smaller and lighter, backpack-friendly, and works wherever strong ground anchoring is feasible. Both work with tarps, and are compatible with full-size gathered-end and some bridge hammocks.

Our products make hammocks reliably usable, helping people everywhere rest and sleep in unmatched comfort while traveling, for leisure, or at home as a bed.

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